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i fanciulli e gli uomini

I fanciulli trovano il tutto nel nulla, gli uomini il nulla nel tutto.

Kids find everything in nothing, grown-ups nothing in everything.

That wise maxim about the jadedness of age is by Giacomo Leopardi, Italy's second greatest poet after Dante (though my favourite) and a true pessimist.

It has a lot of great grammar reminders...

We see the masculine plural form - fanciulli (singular would be fanciullo).

We see the masculine plural definite article ("the") for words starting with a consonant other than gn, sc, sp or z, namely "i" - i fanciulli).

And we see the they-form (3rd person plural) of the regular -are verb trovare - trovano.

But most of all it's just a wise beautiful saying by a genius poet. C4N!

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