The Fine Print

*Private lessons: Terms and Conditions

You can pay for the first lesson by itself to test us out with no obligation to continue. That's right, no upfront commitment, just one lesson.

After that, if you'd like to continue, you pay for five lessons at a time.

Refund policy: You can quit any time but there are no refunds for unused lessons.

You need to stick to a regular schedule for all five lessons (e.g. every Tuesday from 7 to 8 for five weeks).

You have a minimum of 24h notice to cancel a lesson.

The 5 lesson package must be used within 2 months from the day of your first (of the five) lesson.

We know things come up so you get one free makeup per payment. That means you can cancel a lesson and make it up by doing two lessons one week (as long as the teacher has time) or tacking an extra lesson onto the end of your five-lesson package. BUT!...If you miss a second (third, fourth, fifth) lesson in a package, there are no free makeups, you just lose those lessons and the fee you paid for them. Then when you pay for five more lessons, you get another free makeup.