italian link: pictures of rome

If you're like me, this week's Italian link will get you all hot and bothered for a trip to Italy, and inspire you to redouble your language-learning efforts. Enjoy and share!


italian idioms

Here's a really neat site with some really handy Italian idioms brought to you by tutorino - where Toronto learns Italian. Ciao for now!


sorrento radio

If you love music that's truly Italian (as opposed to American music sung in Italian), you'll love today's Italian link - the web's best Italian radio station, Sorrento Radio! Also featuring an amazing archive of napoletano song lyrics. Buon ascolto and ciao for now!


avere or essere?

The bane of many an Italian grammar beginner (and even native speakers sometimes!) is the vexing question "avere or essere?" when using the passato prossimo. Well today's Italian resource link will lay that question to rest once and for all. The first section is avere verbs, the second essere and the third either/or. Note that the chart is only referring to "intransitive verbs" or verbs used intransitively, i.e. with no direct object. It is saying that some verbs - even without a direct object - use only avere, some only essere and some either/or indifferently. Good to know!


lombardi on juno beach

Come state ragazzi? Today's tutorino Italian resource link is an inspirational Heritage Moment clip of Johnny Lombardi boosting morale on Juno Beach. It's not hard to learn Italian grammar, but it can be hard to stay motivated. Hopefully this link will help. Enjoy and share!


inspirational postcards

Today's Italian resource link is a page of postcards from Napoli in its heyday - for inspiration while you crunch that grammar!


italian crosswords

These Italian crosswords are pretty tough, but at least you'll know about them for when your Italian gets better. Ciao for now!


more italian grammar exercises

Ciao cari! Here's this week's resource, some more useful Italian grammar drills. Good luck!


test your italian

Ciao guys. This week's tutorino online Italian language learning resource is a cool site where you can test your Italian. In bocca al lupo!



Ciao guys! This week's tutorino Italian language learning resource is a handy backgrounder on la lingua italiana by Omniglot. Hope you like!


learn italian pod

Here is the most creme de la creme masterpiece Italian language learning resource ever, where you can "learn Italian with free podcasts." I'm red, white and green with envy!


tandem magazine

Here's a pretty good resource for Italian culture vultures, whether of Italian, Canadian or Italian-Canadian extraction - Tandem Magazine. Also available in print free at a lot of T.O. Italian bakeries. Ciao for now!


italian plays

This week's tutorino Italian resource will give you loads of free and easy reading practice. It's a huge, conveniently searchable database of user-submitted plays - which make great reading for beginners because they often mimic everyday speech. Buona lettura!


italian tv online

Devo ringraziare Stan & Gill for this week's tutorino Italian resource link - online Italian web TV. Great for listening and pronunciation practice. Grazie Stan e Gill!


il vagabondo

You can study dance steps from a manual or you can head to a salsa club, feel the rhythm and hit the floor. Similarly, while grammar lessons at home are the next best thing, there's no better language teacher than immersion. And this week's resource is a heads up to a really neat immersion program tutorino's skyperino coach Marco Marini tipped me off to. It's also a great way to meet Marco in person as he'll be teaching there! Click here to learn more about the course or visit the Vagabondo site. Happy travels!


italia mia

Here is this week's resource (a few days early), Italia Mia, your guide to Italy and its products. Enjoy!



I got really lucky the day I stumbled upon this week's resource, Quizlet, a great service for learning anything really, Italian included. Just go to the site and do a search on "italian" (or better yet "tutorino"!) and you'll see what I mean. Buono studio!


italian language exercises

Hello Italianistas! I have a great resource for you this week - more exercises, chic and easy-to-use. Happy studies!


listen while you read

Today's tutorino Italian language learning resource is a true masterpiece of a site - a series of readings with audio accompaniment so you not only see the words but hear them, allowing you to pick up Italian intonation (the rise and fall in speech of pitch and volume). There's also a streaming video that helps you get the gist. Each "lettura" has a glossary of tricky terms and a section of comprehension exercises. A great way to learn about Italian culture along the way. Un vero capolavoro!


italian verb help

Ciao ragazzi. Today's tutorino Italian resource will give you verb help in a pinch. Just enter any verb form into the field in any tense and it will give you the infinitive. Then you can look up the meaning. Or go to the Italian section, enter the infinitive and it will give you the complete conjugation. You'll never be at a loss for verbs again!