13 Reasons to Choose Tutorino

We come to you. This saves you time and effort. Learning a language is hard work. Why make it harder by forcing yourself to travel to lessons when the lessons can travel to you?

You decide when to meet and where, how often, for how long each time and when to call it quits.

We’re cheaper! Shop around, we dare you.

Tutorino is 100% Torontonian. The company is based in Toronto, employs Italians living in Toronto and supports other Toronto businesses. We know and love this city and want to make it better.

Your teacher keeps most of what you pay, with only a miniscule portion going to overhead. No language training service treats its staff better!

If by chance the fit isn't right with your teacher, we'll send you a new one.

We give free Italian language and culture lessons through our website to thousands of visitors a month worldwide.

We give you perks to inspire and motivate you and teach you the language in a living cultural context.

We provide great learning materials – 2 books, 5 audio CDs and downloadable content all for $35 + GST.

Fun, friendly, knowledgeable and experienced teachers straight from Italy – Bologna, Roma, Milano, Firenze, etc. – who know how to teach languages because they know how to learn languages, having all learned English themselves.

Proven track record – we’ve taught Italian to roughly 2000 Torontonians since starting out in 2005. See our kudos page for rave reviews.

Convenient payment method - you pay your teacher directly, no paying online or mailing cheques.

No long-term commitment, only five lessons at a time.