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chi tace

Chi tace acconsente.

Those who remain silent agree.

So in other words, if an unfair law is passed and you don't fight against it, you support it.

Grammatically a good reminder of -ere verbs (tace is the lui-form of tacere) and the -ire verbs (acconsente is the lui-form of acconsentire). C4N!


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Origininally maxim in law: how the silence of a participant should be interpreted; " Qui tacere consentit videtur". Thomas More's defence: as he had said nothing when required to sign the recognition of Henry VIII (instead of the Pope) as Head of the Church in England, his silence could not be percieved as disobeying the KIng. NB- they cut off his head anyway
March 24, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterMike

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