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amazing translation tool

Ciao cari! Before doing any of the readings in this section (or reading Italian anywhere else online for that matter), I highly, highly, highly recommend downloading the Lingoes translation tool.

It will allow you to ctrl+right-click on any Italian word on any webpage and instantly see an English translation! Such a convenient way to better understand what you're reading and pick up new vocab. It's free and 100% clean and safe (no spyware, viruses or malware of any kind). You won't regret it!

First, go to the Lingoes site and click "download" (near top right).

Once the program has been downloaded and installed, look for where the interface says "options" and click "dictionaries".

Look near the top and click "install from lingoes".

Scroll down and look for "italian dictionaries". Then click "vicon italian-english dictionary".

Once the dictionary downloads (also free, clean and safe), check both boxes and you're all set - whenever you ctrl+right-click on any Italian word on any webpage (including tutorino's readings section), you'll instantly get an English translation.

Then, if you're really motivated, you should go to Quizlet and make free flashcards for yourself of the words you look up and really watch your vocab expand!

Ciao for now!

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