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more italian expressions

Here you go guys, the first vocab post of '08, another flashcard set of Italian expressions. Ciao for now!

Come no!
an emphatic way of saying yes, of course, definitely

essere più forte di se
used when you can't resist doing something, when something causes you to go against your willpower

farla finita
to put an end to something, cut something out

venire al dunque
to get to the point

scherzi a parte
joking aside

Molla! / Mollala!
Stop that!

Tutto a posto!
Everything is A.O.K.!

provarla sulla propria pelle
to experience something for oneself

to get something off one's chest

essere portato a
to have a knack, gift or flair for something

expresses strong enthusiasm for or approval of something

fare lo spiritoso
to play the funny man

Non è cosa.
It's out of the question.

essere a pezzi
"to be in pieces" (usually through exhaustion or emotional strain)

farsi in quattro per gli altri
to bend over backwards for others

Ma guarda un po'!
Well would you look at that! (way of expressing surprise)

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