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eating, food and hunger terms in italian

Here's some good streetsmart Italian vocab for you - a selection of eating, food and hunger terms. Ciao for now!

far venire l'acquolina in bocca
to make one's mouth water

avere una fame da lupi
to be hungry as a horse

stare a dieta
to be on a diet

essere un morto di fame
to be a nobody or a nothing

essere sciupato
to have gotten skinnier

essere una buona forchetta
to be a hearty eater

to pig out

A tavola!
Time to eat! Supper's ready!

essere sazio
to be full

to eat up, gobble up

to burp

to burst or explode (because you're so full)

togliersi lo sfizio
to satisfy a craving

essere buono come il pane
to be as good as gold

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