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Italian Expression of the Day

There are quite a few Italian expressions with the word "mano" 


"Avere le mani in pasta" literally means to have your hands in a dough.The English equivalent is to have a finger in every pie.

A Giorgio piace avere le mani in pasta. Giorgio likes to have his little finger in every pie.


"Starsene con le mani in tasca" or starsene con le mani in mano literally translates into stand there with your hands in your pocket or stand putting one hand into the other and it means to do nothing in the face of trouble.


I think the expression doesn't have an English equivalent but should you think otherwise I am open to suggestions.   


Disse che era stufo di starsene con le mani in tasca e che si sarebbe cercato un lavoro. He said he was fed up with doing nothing and would look for a job.  


"Mani fredde cuore caldo" literally means cold hands warm heart and it refers to the fact that people who have cold hands are considered helplessly in love.

The expression comes from the idea that if you are in love you tend to be more emotional and your cold hands are a sign of that state of heart.


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