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chi si corica coi bambini

Chi si corica coi bambini si alza pisciato.

If you sleep with kids you get up pissed on.

This proverb warns against spending too much time with people younger or less mature than you. Less literally it can mean not to spend time with people on a lower rung than you in other ways (economically, intellectually, etc).

Grammatically it's a good reminder of the reflexive verbs, verbs where one and the same person both does and receives the action of the verb. We see this in "si alza" (gets up), which is the lui form of the reflexive verb "alzarsi". Reflexive verbs always go with a reflexive pronoun - mi, ti, si, ci, vi, si. Io mi alzo (I get up), tu ti alzi (you get up), lui si alza (he gets up), etc. C4N!

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I think it means choose who you hang out with wisely .. If you hang out with little kids you will get pissed on , if you hang out with lawers and relastate angents your probobaly gonna be something good yourself, if your around people that owe money to the wrong people, when they collect of them your gonna get hurt with them. Very important proverb.
February 26, 2014 | Unregistered CommenterCalabria mia

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