How does it work?

1) Fill in our form to request a private lesson.

2) I’ll check with the staff to see who’s up for your request. This usually takes no more than about two days. Once someone on staff agrees to do it, I put you and the teacher in touch via email and away you go. Usually you’re taking lessons within about a week of submitting your request (unless you’d prefer to start later).

3) The teacher will meet you at your home or office or a nearby coffee shop or library. Or you can save moolah by meeting at or near the teacher’s place. Click here for current locations.

4) Most people book an hour a week (but feel free to book more) and get a pretty good handle on the basics in about three months. But you can quit sooner if you want or stay longer – a few of our students have been with us for years. There’s no set start or end dates, everything is 100% made-to-measure.

5) You pay the teacher directly, at the lesson, by cheque made out to tutorino. (No need to pay online or by mail.) If you’re not a cheque person we’ll take cash but we strongly prefer cheques made out to tutorino.

Please note, we mainly only teach adults and teens or kids seven and up. For kids under seven we recommend